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    Shree hari Construction is a full scale construction company based at Ahmedabad. Our business activities are stretched around the geographical boundaries of Ahmedabad district. The directors of the company started on a small scale as small time contractors and enhanced their already deep experience in the field.

    Our mentors have always mentioned highest form of ethics when it comes to business practices. This has led to consistent growth of the company since its formation in the year 1984. We as a company has witnessed multiple ups and down of the industry and despite of all the hardship and competition we have maintained our growth based on our strong ethics and best business practices Not only this we have also been successful in providing affordable and efficient solutions to our clients which have helped us retain most of our clients and we are getting repeated business from most of our clients.

    Our team consists of 150 epmloyees. Most of our high level and mid level management team is the same since the inception of our business. When we say that we as a company are successful this team, who is highly experienced in the industry and follows the same business ethics and principles as followed by the management, are the people behind our success. When it comes to success we give the whole credit to each and every member of our team for the same whose hard work, perseverance and dedication helps us make each project a milestone of our success journey.

    There is an environment in our workplace that keeps the employee attached with us for a prolonged period. Our employees have developed a sense of ownership for the projects they are working. They know that the management is with them at each step of project, whether be it planning or execution or post execution support. This is the reason that our employees also follow the same level of ethics and business rules as established by the top management.

    Planning, worker safety and excellent execution are the three major factors that matters to us, once we start working on any project.

    Our projects involve highly precise planning, with deep and acute involvement of the client as well as relevant stake holders. Once the client is satisfied with the project execution plan and the scheduled time line, our on field staff is provided with the same and they start their part of execution.

    Worker Safety in construction industry is very important to us. It’s a matter of very high concern for all stake holders. We at shri hari construction make sure that the highest standards of worker safety are followed at each and every site of ours. We provide our team with the best of the tools and equipment to avoid any types of hazards or accidents. Needless to say our team is trained and have a list of “dos and don’ts” to avoid any mishaps or accidents on site.

    • Dipak G.Gajjar

      Chief Operating Officer

    • Mitesh C. Patel

      Executive Vice President

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    Everything we build is built to achieve a vision. At Shree Hari, we believe that only when you see the big picture can you create a flawless plan for bringing a vision into reality.

    Our charge is to fully understand our clients’ vision for their projects, and how it will serve their business and their community. Before the schedules, timelines and logistics, we become vested in the greater vision and commit to finding the best ways to ensure that all of our clients’ goals are realized.
    At Shree Hari, we believe that understanding and ownership of our client’s vision is the only way to have a truly successful project. Our investment in your vision and mission is what elevates us to go beyond meeting your goals and exceeding expectations every time. It’s part of our culture and our commitment to every client.

    Affiliates & Partners

    As a 100% minority owned and operated business, Shree Hari Construction partners with general contractors, customers, designers, subcontractors and suppliers on multiple projects each year. We have built many long-standing relationships over the years and are proud of our reputation as a reliable and trusted partner.

    We’re honored to work with awesome partners who are the top contractors in the world.

    Core Values

    • Balance – Fulfilling Relationships

      Creating an environment where people feel they can commit time, energy and attention to the people and activities that are important to them, at work and at home.

    • Integrity – Do the Right Thing

      Honest and truthful in our interactions with each other and our clients. Dedicated to honest and ethical practices and moral standards.

    • Leadership – Learning, Leading and Getting Results

      Guiding, inspiring and encouraging people to grow and succeed while striving towards a common goal.Providing clear vision and direction to support the team to be their best.

    • Loyalty – Bleed Blue

      Having a vested interest, unwavering faith and commitment to our company and its people. Being devoted to each other and having all allegiance to Benchmark and its core values.