Worker Safety is a very important part of the construction industry as well as any manufacturing sector. It directly affects directly to all stake holders of the project. Apart from the stake holders, the most important fact is that when any mishap happens at a site, the family of the victim of the accident gets a dual blow. One the income of the family stops and on another side the cost of hospitalization kills them.

    We at shri hari construction has evolved with our experience and the current trends of the industry and have taken the following steps for maximum security of our workers on site.

    In order to accomplish this:

    • We have deployed a Safety Officer who directly oversees all aspects of the firm’s safety program.
    • Shree Hari provides mandatory training to all employees in all aspects of construction safety.
    • Shree Hari conducts jobsite safety meetings on a regular basis.
    • It is our constant Endeavour to make sure that any project we undertake, it should be completed without damage to any human being or the adjoining property to the project sites.